Lenten release

Jeff Keuss shares some thoughts on "With or Without You" in a post about U2 and Lent. I like his suggested paraphrase of what he sees as the piece's central insight: "the protagonist of the song comes to the realization that to be fully alive will require binding his life to the one he loves and in doing so, will end any sense of selfhood he had previously known or aspired to.... Am I willing to admit that what I bind my life to what will be a death of sorts – either a death from which there is no return, for the weight of idols around our neck will surely pull us into the very depths of the abyss, or a death that is found in the absolute abandon of agape love where my total heart, soul and strength is released into the arms of (what John Coltrane accurately called) the 'Love Supreme'?"

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dave said...

Thanks so much for tipping us off to this great post..
But let me say, when I saw your post headline, "Lenten release" in my feed, for a split second I wondered if our prayers had been miraculously answered and some version of a U2 album was actually coming out ("Songs of Ascent"..what a great title for a Lenten release)... (: