DATA Updated Faith In Action page - Debt AIDS Trade Africa

I had the privilege this spring and summer of working with DATA's faith outreach coordinator to put together a comprehensive liturgical packet for mainline churches wanting to choose a lectionary Sunday to focus on AIDS in Africa. The kit includes theological themes, suggested sermon starters, and liturgical materials, as well as noting appropriate readings and hymns for the entire three-year RCL cycle. You can find it on DATA's newly expanded Christian Action page. My packet is here (PDF), but don't miss all the other great stuff they've added for church groups, as well as for synagogues and mosques! The overall Faith in Action page has been vastly expanded.

While you're at DATA, since the Senate Approprations Committee cut $1.38 billion out of the President's $2.5 billion request for the Millennium Challenge account yesterday, this would be a really great time to visit DATA's page that gives very simple instructions on how to contact your elected representatives about the Millennium Challenge at a toll-free number.

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