Bleed Into One trailer

A thread at the redesigned Interference forum caught my interest this morning. The forum is discussing a forthcoming film called "Bleed Into One," a history of Christian rock. (I can't find much information on this documentary online, although a couple blogs from those behind the project are here and here.) The original poster feels it is exploitative and dishonest for the trailer to feature video of a couple of Bono's remarks poking fun at CCM; a series of reactions follow from people who see no problem, one commenting (accurately, I think -- heck, look at the title of the movie!) that the real story of that genre is impossible to tell without including U2.

What interests me, though, is simply to imagine if this thread had been posted on a U2 fan forum in say 1999, how completely different the conversation would have been.

[Edit: Commenter rihannsu below has taken the time to look up where the clips of Bono are from and offers the correction that in context they did not refer directly to CCM. Check the comment for details.]

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