This book is about preaching pop culture (yes, one particular example of it, but...), so I consider this relevant: there was an AP article about Bruce Almighty in our paper Monday. (You can read it on Yahoo here.) I responded with a letter to the editor (scroll down) in which I defended the idea of a "humanized" God as kind of the whole point of the Jesus thing and pointed out the director's heavy theological background. They published it. Great. (Although I think it reads more uptight than I meant it to.) Only problem is, I haven't seen the movie. Plus I said in the paper I might preach on it. So I may find folks showing up Sunday wondering "where's the Bruce Almighty sermon?"

Providence: there's a great passage about getting prayers answered and what we ask for in the lectionary this week. So... the first showing locally is at 12:55....

(Update at 6:38 PM: I just finished the Bruce Almighty sermon.)

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