A May 27 entry (scroll down) on the blog of tallskinnykiwi, who doesn't have permalinks (but then neither do I) or a commenting option (I have a commenting option, but shy readers, apparently) opines that this blog's "awful pink background would make Bono embarrassed," but also finds things to commend: "good links, well written in an honest, blog-like manner, and a great topic."

Well, I had a lame rationale: The pink, which matches the copy of the Streets Prayer on the real webpage was supposed to be a sort of arcane "Streets" reference.

("Streets," the archetypal 6 minutes of eschatological glory in any U2 concert? The archetypal "Streets" red glow, faded down to legible? You know, like this? ...No? ...Anybody? ...Buehler?) Now honestly, people -- do you want me to change it? This is why I had parishioners, not me, pick the new colors for our parish hall and our nave...

Seriously, tallskinnykiwi does run a fine blog about emerging church stuff; it is a lot more professional than this and you should go look at it.

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