...And here is another new article on the same topic as the one below, from Christianity Today. The cause of AIDS in Africa and Bono's usual, theologically-informed analogies about justice are much more important of course.... but I'm pretty happy to hear this side comment from Bono about how touring Midwest evangelical churches/Christian schools last December affected him:
"I didn't have a very good impression of the church up to that point, in the sense of their ability to sort of wake the sleeping giant and put it to work for the world's most vulnerable. I kind of thought the church was asleep and it turned into a 'holy, bless me club' or whatever you want to call it, [but] I'm glad to say I was wrong. Particularly evangelicals who seemed very judgmental to me over the years turned out to be incredibly generous in their time and their support of this effort. I've really had my view of the church turned upside down, but I will be honest � it's ruined things for me now. People are asking 'why aren't I at Mass?'"

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