Bono is featured in the book Spiritual Journeys: How Faith Has Influenced 12 Music Icons , a new release from Relevant, who published our contributor Steve Stockman's Walk On: The Spiritual Journey of U2. You should all buy that book while you're waiting for ours. Steve Beard, editor of Thunderstruck and a friend of this U2 project, wrote the Bono article and I think the Johnny Cash one too.

Another featured artist is Bob Dylan. I remember watching, wide-eyed, as Dylan sang about Jesus on SNL after the release of Slow Train Coming; Eric Idle was hosting the show. I was in high school and had just become a Christian, and that Monday morning I commented to the English teacher I idolized that Eric Idle's accent seemed much less British than I remembered from Monty Python. Her reply was "Eric Idle's lost his accent, but Bob Dylan's lost his mind."

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