I haven't put up any excerpts in awhile. Here's one, from Mike Kinman's sermon on "Pride."

The greatest irony, though . . . and our greatest hope . . . is that Christ has actually shown that one person coming in the name of love truly is an army. Jesus, betrayed by his own friend with a kiss, abandoned by most of the rest of his friends and beaten and killed on the cross, had a greater effect on history than anyone in history. Those who followed in his footsteps, who had the courage to be armies of one coming in the name of love . . . did likewise.

Mahatma Gandhi was �one man come in the name of love,� and he overthrew an Empire with active loving nonviolent noncooperation. They took his life, too.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was �one man come in the name of love,� and he opened the eyes and engaged the conscience of a nation to the evils of racism and helped set in motion a tide of justice that still rolls today. And the shot that �rang out in the Memphis sky� on April 4, 1968 indeed did take his life, but it did not take a pride, an identity, a vision that was not about himself but about love....

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