As an American, I've not surprisingly never been to Greenbelt. I do occasionally check Jonny Baker's blog, though, and followed his link to read the liturgy from the closing Greenbelt communion service (PDF file - description here if you don't have Acrobat). Interesting (to me: this may be real old hat to Greenbelters) to notice that one of his collaborators in writing the liturgy was Martin Wroe, the editor of U2's official website.

While looking around for what else Wroe had done (he's a journalist and an old hand at Greenbelt, apparently) I was suprised to find out that the sort of fresh, questioning spoken meditation with music that was going around on the internet last Christmas (I think: "welcome to the body, God; thank you Jesus Christ for being body among us") was also written by him. (You can see the whole CD and hear a couple there.) And he also wrote that Seven Last Words meditation on re:jesus. (I do the re:jesus online daily prayers a few times a week.)

My UK readers are probably smiling condescendingly at this point and saying "well, everyone knows that." But I didn't.

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