I grew up in Nashville, so I can harp on this: today my hometown paper covers CCM's professional provocateur Steve Taylor heading up a meeting with Senator Bill Frist on behalf of DATA. Several quotes:

...Taylor said the issue was resonating in many evangelical Christian communities particularly disturbed by the orphans left behind when parents die of AIDS. There are an estimated 11 million AIDS orphans in Africa. ''We believe we represent a large constituency, and we're saying these voters want action on this issue now,'' Taylor said.

...''It just seems like the main crisis of my generation,'' said Matt Slocum of the band Sixpence None the Richer, whose hits include
Kiss Me and There She Goes.

...''I'm here to tell people in America that the $3 billion money is not even enough,'' said Agnes Nyamayarwo, who was part of the meeting at the Frist office. ''That $3 billion could be used by Uganda alone."

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