One day I'll die; the choice will not be mine.

That, and the recent post about Henry VanderSpek's sermon mentioning the value of contemplating our deaths, is probably my only excuse for U2 content here. Still, I want to share this link to an extraordinary art piece on the Internet. After Life: Streatham Cemetery, the Four Seasons by Jonathan Clark is a series of photos of a cemetery, taken over 2 years, with slight Flash enhancements and a sparse soundtrack. The four seasons can be clicked on at the top left; selecting any cross within a season leads you to a different photograph, some of which are still and some of which respond to mouseover.

Many of the photographs are stunning in themselves, but I found entering into the whole ensemble a moving and numinous experience. It seems to me to be a sort of Christian digital-age equivalent to the classic Buddhist meditation on the corpse.

The site repays attention and does not repay inattention, so I would advise you not to bother visiting if you aren't willing to invest perhaps 10 minutes in contemplation, moving slowly through several pictures.

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