Raewynne and I were chatting by email tonight about search strings that land people here. One I've seen a few times is "Eugene Peterson Bono," and I clicked on it out of curiosity to see what else would come up. Well, interestingly, something that did was a Google-Words ad for "Eugene Peterson courses and lectures on CD and tape." Really? I thought.

Yes, really. Regent College, where he used to teach, has a slew of them (as well as lots of things by other people). It made me miss seminary. I even ordered one, although no matter what I do I can't get the thing to link to an individual product. I bought Eat This Book: The Holy Community at Table with Holy Scripture. Now, of course Eugene Peterson wrote the introduction to our U2 book, Get Up Off Your Knees, but apart from that, I'm not sure how to argue that my discovery has U2 content - other than, a big stretch, that there is a lot about David, earthiness, and the Psalms (including one lecture with the great title "Why did Uzzah die? Why did David dance?")

Even if you have no interest in buying anything, you can listen to excerpts on Real Player of lectures. Cool!

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