Falsani Fridays: God, Bono, the Cardinal, and the Cubs

Whether or not you read her column for any other reason (I do) I'm sure most of the readers of U2 Sermons have enjoyed Cathleen Falsani's insightful and fearless pieces on Bono and DATA in the Chicago Sun-Times religion section and in Christianity Today. This interview with Falsani is great, and if you are at all interested in intelligent talk on writing about religion, you should read it.

And, even if you just want U2 content, yes, there is plenty. Three brief quotes:
I used to tell people, "I want to take Bono to church. I want to go to church with Bono," never thinking that would actually happen. And then I did it like six times in a week.
I�m a huge, huge fan. I�d be lying if I said otherwise. I remember exactly where I was standing when this guy I knew when I was 11 or 12 turned to me and said, "Hey, my brother played this great album for me, it�s this new band from Ireland..."
I don�t have an ongoing relationship with him. ... I don�t have his cell phone number. ...Let me be very clear: Bono and I are not friends. So anybody who thinks we are can stop e-mailing me.

Some great reflections on working with clergy, writing theology that doesn't read like theology, and outing herself as a Christian in the DATA at Wheaton article. And I had no idea she was at Garrett for seminary. I was literally right across the street at SWTS at about the same time.

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