Friends at the Advent

Well, that was lots of fun. Great people, fun ambiance, fine location, and I even found a parking place a block away. It was also an unexpected treat for me seeing those videos on the big screen. I loved the bartender who went around singing along with everything while we were setting up and proudly told me he had been at the ZooTV St. Patrick's Day U2 concert at the Garden.

After the lecture we had a long Q&A with several very interesting questions, which I should really write down while I still remember them so I can give better answers next time. The one I was the worst prepared for, as those who were there saw, was "what other video should we watch and will you show it to us?" (I realized in the car going home I should have chosen something from ZooTV to highlight a theme about which we hadn't already talked, probably "Until the End of The World" or "The Fly," rather than another Pop one. Of course I know "Stay," which we also ended up watching later, is from Zooropa, but it's still the same thematic stuff.)

Thanks to Alister for his media help, to Jennifer from Cowley for showing up with book flyers, and to Patrick for the invitation. Looking forward to being with the Friends again at the Halloween Mass.

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