On the side of a hill, we were filled

[Update 2 months later: we all now know that the rumor reported in the following is definitely not true.]

I don't know if I believe this or not. In fact, I probably don't; I haven't mentioned any number of similar rumors that have appeared in print over the past few months. This one, however, I can't resist: a Spanish-language U2 site is reporting that U2 are booked to play the "Xacobeo" (the Santiago de Compostela holy year festivities). On the Monte del Gozo itself, no less (nearest stop on the pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela, called "Mt. Joy" because you can see the spires of the cathedral from there.) The math is fairly easy: Although I believe the entire year counts as the Xacobeo, the trigger event for the party is a sort of Dogma-esque plenary pardon for everyone who walks through the church doors when the feast of St. James (in Spanish, Santiago) falls on a Sunday. That would be July 25, 2004.

Here's another report on it. If it were true, I think this would be a concert to be at. It's probably not true, of course. This kind of stuff usually isn't.

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