Philosophy at 33 1/3 RPM

Probably like everybody else, I've been playing with the brand new "search inside the book" thing at Amazon. And if it's going to turn up interesting discoveries like this mid-90s Robyn Brothers essay Time to Heal, "Desire" Time: The Cyberprophecy of U2's Zoo World Order, I'm all for it. You can only read 2 pages at a shot. However, if you were to "search inside this book" on something generic, like say, "U2," you'd be able to get a pretty good sense of the essay from the Amazon images.

Personal favorite moment: finally seeing someone else (other than me) evoke Bride/Bridegroom mysticism in conjunction with U2. (So frequent in U2 spirituality, so rarely mentioned. Although I would argue at length with anyone who cares to that the immediate influence here is unlikely to be actual medieval mystics.)
Personal favorite phrase: "The sublimation of transcendence is the theme that the band's lyricist repeatedly admits interests him the most."

The essay is from deep inside the mid-90s U2 vision, so it doesn't account at all for anything they've produced since, but I would never have found it without the new search feature. Cool.

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