Well, the God I believe in isn't... [your answer here]

Had email from Bob at The Corner this morning suggesting I link to this quote from Bono's forward to They've Hijacked God. Thanks Bob (and Darren)! I remember this going around in "U2 and Christianity" circles about 18 months ago; but you know what is interesting, I checked to see if the book had ever been published, and the only references on the web I can find to it are to that one article about Bono having written a forward. So maybe it didn't happen.

I also said to Bob in email that it would be interesting, for someone who was motivated, to kind of trace Bono's attitude to the church. There's (and I've now had time to locate it) this NME U2 profile from 1982 where the reporter follows the three Christian members of U2 to a church they've been invited to by fans and clearly can't believe Bono likes it... and then, you know, there's Mirrorball Man and "a preacher on the old time Gospel hour stealing money from the sick and the old" and everything... and then (see that Bono's American Prayer article) there's the more recent chumming around with Bill Hybels and Michael W. Smith....

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