Book proofreading update

I feel like my eyes are about to fall out of my head. The ms arrived about lunchtime today, and I have to send it back tomorrow, so I've been proofing almost nonstop. I would like to make these comments:
1) I thought 160 pages seemed short! It's over 200.
2) I like Cowley's font choices, epecially the one for quotes.
3) I don't envy our editor having to make calls about lyric quotes - like, if a text is in lower case in the Pop booklet with no punctuation, does that mean all quotations of it should be in lower case with no punctuation?
4) Italics issues. Lots of italics issues. Must have been some computer glitch.
5) I'm kind of amazed how long the spirituality program appendix is, typeset.
6) Our editor made a really smart and U2-literate addition to the sentence about Zooropa in my essay and I am extremely impressed.
7) Whaddaya say: "beatific vision," or "Beatific Vision"? I can go either way.

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