"i have five senses/i need thousands more at least"

As I said earlier, I'm just late to this party, but, another utterly amazing song by Over the Rhine: "The World Can Wait" (already cited in a comment below).

There is a line in Raewynne's essay in the U2 book where she says that from the moment she first heard "Beautiful Day," she couldn't wait to preach on Noah. Me, listening to "The World Can Wait," I can't wait till the John 4 woman at the well reading comes around again. That song -- and I'm not necessarily saying this was intentional on their part -- just offers such a perfect opportunity to give a congregation a window into her emotions, say just after encountering Jesus. Put it on her lips, for example, as she goes back to the village to bring others to meet him.

While I'm in here, thanks to Sleepless in Surrey for the link. [Update: and to WeEbLeLand.]

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