New Directions in Pooh Studies: �berlieferungs- und religionsgeschichtliche Studien zum Pu-Buch

No U2 content at all here, but can't resist. I think this mock scholarly textual analysis of authorship traditions in Winnie The Pooh will be funny to people who slogged through 19th-century German explanations of the documentary hypothesis in Old Testament class, and/or that whole Frazer History of Religions stuff... and not to many other people. Sample:

There is also a tradition that [Pooh] lived under the name of Sanders (W 1.2), which appears only once in our present texts, since for some reason now forgotten, Sanders traditions have been rigorously expunged from the corpus. The name Sanders does however occur in one of the illustrations (W 1.3) in the archaic script, which, belonging as they do to the pre-verbal stage in the transmission of the traditions, have a strong claim to authenticity. There is a secondary and utterly implausible 'explanation' of the two principal names for Pooh, Winnie and Pooh, which is offered by the final redactor and which only displays the editor's acute embarrassment with the double tradition. The complexity of the problem is increased by the appearance within the same chapter of the double name of Piglet's grandfather (Trespassers William), again implausibly explained by the redactor as 'in case he lost one.'

Thanks to the inimitable AKMA.

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