Tuning in to a higher power: Divine intervention hits pop culture

Another article (thanks to Relapsed Catholic and Thunderstruck) on the recent proliferation of films and TV shows addressing spiritual issues. Music is not included.

The most telling thing to me is the end of the article, when they call a lot of local clergy to ask for comments. Nearly all of these people, whose vocation presumably involves assisting others in working their faith out in that fluid space where personhood and daily habit and culture intersect, are not really aware of the trend and cannot speak to it. Many of them also say something dismissive.

So let me get this straight: Part of your plan for effective ministry is to deliberately shut yourself out of the main arena in which your culture is addressing religious issues, refuse to familiarize yourself with the theological messages your parishioners hear all week, and then present your own message with no understanding of the real climate in which it's being heard? How's that working for you?

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