Book Launch Party in Toronto

Contributors Brian Walsh and Henry VanderSpek invite anyone in the Toronto area to a Get Up off Your Knees: Preaching the U2 Catalog launch party on Sunday, December 14, from 7.00 to 9.00 with videos and conversation.

They write: Finding harmony between the sugary smooth lyrics of a top-40 song and the direct, somewhat blunt, teachings of Paul can be a challenging task. Meaningfully weaving such a song into a Sunday morning sermon is another thing altogether. For twenty years now though, Irish rock group U2 has consistently transcended these false barriers and created music which stirs the heart and soul of the pew-dweller and in the concert attendee alike.

Get Up Off Your Knees is a collection of sermons written by preachers from several denominational backgrounds from England, Ireland, the United States and Canada. Each message takes inspiration from U2's lyrics, and incorporates them in a way that demonstrates how richly pop culture can resonate with the realm of faith.

So if you love U2, or just faith & culture discussions in general, please join us for a fun evening on Sunday, Dec 14. This is a family friendly event held in a "private party" room with no smoking permitted. U2 music and videos will be running all night (including the new
Live from Slane Castle DVD).

Sound like fun? For information on location and to RSVP, email Henry at hvs (at) interlog.com.

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