I haven't had time to blog this story till now. A couple days before Christmas, I was in a local Christian bookstore which was selling off all the demo CDs they'd used in the past year. I buy almost no CCM per se, but I do buy worship music every few months -- partially to use myself and partially looking for things that might work for my congregation. (And incidentally, you may remember I was talking some weeks ago about Eoghan Heaslip from Dublin, Jack Heaslip's son; though he didn't write it, a song I learned from his CD Mercy was our Christmas anthem this year, and the choir did it proud, I must say.)

So along with a little stack of books, for about $2 I got a demo copy of Dwell, a new Vineyard project. It presents itself as a compilation, recorded in Cincinnati with players from Vineyards all over the country, of their best new songs that are "personal and congregational friendly." Upon getting back to the car, I had a little debate as to whether or not to take the live recording of "Mysterious Ways" I had been listening to out of the CD player; well, checking out Dwell won.

The opening track didn't make much of an impression on me (probably because I was paying more attention to getting out of the parking lot), but the second track? Well, it features just a completely transparent Edge ripoff. Audio sample here, and this is only part of it, too. I started laughing and said to myself, Might as well just put "Mysterious Ways" back in!

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