Toronto book launch report

Happy New Year's Eve to everyone. Thanks to Waving or Drowning? for blogrolling me (and congratulations on the 35 goats).

From Toronto, Henry VanderSpek writes, "We had a big snowstorm on the day of the launch (Dec. 14th), but still had a good turn-out. Brian Walsh & I were introduced by John Franklin, the director of IMAGO, a Canadian Faith & Arts organization, and then we each shared for 5-10 minutes our perspective and feelings re U2 as well as the same re the book. It was followed by a free time to talk, sign books as people requested, and to watch the Slane DVD. The book [was] mentioned on two radio stations - one called EDGE 102.1 here in downtown Toronto, an alternative rock station - and the other a rock station in London, Ontario, (a smaller city about 2 hours southwest of Toronto.)"

Wish I could have been there!

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