Beyond Prosperity

Another book excerpt, this one a sermon using "If God Will Send His Angels" by Jamie Parsley, is posted on Faith and Values.Com. They also have the editors' bios, though unfortunately not Jamie's, up.

Faith and Values.Com, which also does Faith and Values TV, is a large ecumenical site which has the U2-ey distinction of once having posted an article claiming that Bono was "considered by many to be one of the most influential theologians alive today." What makes me laugh about that claim -- other than its being just maybe a teeny tiny overstatement [;-)] -- is that there exists a whole cadre of professional theology writers who major on battling for the notion that, because of the radical spiritual egalitarianism and locally incarnational nature of Christianity, the true shapers of faith are non-professional; all Christians, they'd argue, must be taken seriously as theologians. But if most of these very writers were to read the statement about Bono I cited above, I believe they would respond as follows:


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