Byron Borger on the sermons book

In a January column for the Coalition for Christian Outreach, Byron Borger of Hearts and Minds bookstore in Dallastown, Pennsylvania writes a long, deeply thoughtful, historically and culturally literate column on books treating 'the church in emerging culture' (with special emphasis on the current book by that exact title). After reflections so helpful you're tempted to send them to all the pastors you know, he concludes with a section which I can't resist reprinting most of right here:

Such resources are worth working through so that we might truly understand our times, and thus become more equipped to discern the contours of faithful living in them.

Or, yet another way, you can just study rock and roll, the current language of much of the world's population. I am absolutely thrilled to announce that we have just received our copies of the much anticipated
Get Up Off Your Knees: Preaching The U2 Catalog... Since it just arrived, I have not had time to read anything but Eugene Peterson's brilliant preface on metaphor. I had previously seen four of the chapters, two by my good friend Brian Walsh and two by my good friend Steve Garber.

I am so absolutely thrilled and honored to know these two guys � stunning writers in their own way, each faithful to Bible and Bono � and am not at all exaggerating to say it is worth every single penny to buy this book if only for these five chapters. I am confident that many of the numerous other chapters will be good and the group guide in the back looks quite useful. I applaud Cowley � most known for tender books of spiritual formation and the wonderful Barbara Brown Taylor collections � for leaping into this new world for them.

Perhaps there is a parable here. Take the risk to try a new thing. Listen to Bono. Preach the Word. How's that for a strategy for postmodern faithfulness?

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