Go your way, Daniel, because the words are closed up and sealed.

So, you thought you were just going to check in on the @U2 news page? No, you were actually about to get dropped into a mathematical proof worthy of the most arcane numerological sections of Daniel. (Update: The @U2 item, dated Jan 29, is no longer on top, but here is what it says: someone actually did the math to calculate that U2 went exactly 1,337 days between the releases of Zooropa and Pop, and exactly 1,337 days between the releases of Pop and All That You Can't Leave Behind, and was wondering if the count would be the same for the new album. Now there's fandom life for you!)

The most outlandish thing is that the number 1337 actually rang a bell to me, which is why I got Daniel out. It's slightly off, but to those awaiting the new U2 release I offer this beatitude.

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