Trying to buy the book

I'm getting really tired of saying this, but no, I don't know what the problem with Amazon.com is. Get Up Off Your Knees is an ordinary, normal book, as available as any other in-print book, and our publisher says there's no good reason for all these bizarre Amazon status changes. The book is out and has been for a month.

{update: oh, look, now someone is using our Amazon reviews to complain about Amazon. ...What a strange world we live in.}

{another update some days later} OK, we now have a somewhat straighter answer on this, and I take most of the above back. It actually isn't Amazon's problem at all. The problem is that while Cowley had the books in mid-December and was able to fill orders made directly with them by individuals or booksellers then, they had to wait until January to ship stock to the national distributor who will handle most sales to everyone else. That distributor (Ingram) is, of course, massive, and getting into their computers takes a few weeks. So it's probably fairer to say that the principal source of confusion was that the officially announced "publication date" didn't take into account when people shopping through ordinary channels would actually be able to get the book.}

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