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One nice thing about this being a blog, and not some sort of sterile promotional site, is that I can express opinions. Here is one: the 10-paragraph assessment of Get Up Off Your Knees near the end of this review article on books exploring faith and popular culture could only have been written by somebody who really gets what we were trying to do.

A few excerpts:

What I want to holler is the great news that this book, these sermons inspired by the lyrics of U2, really is a fine collection. It reminds us of the power of using contemporary poetry alongside biblical poetry. It juxtaposes modern rock culture with stories of biblical times. It allows the contemporary anguish carried by the band... to influence our reading of the Bible. It is a collection of good sermons in their own right and can serve as case studies of sermon construction. (It is too often embarrassing and frustrating when a well-meaning preacher throws in a line from a rock song or, these days, a movie clip, without adequate awareness of the piece, or without allowing the song or film clip to have an integral role in the sermon.) These sermons are not just about "using" pop songs to relate to a young audience, say, but rather invite us to seriously engage the serious art of this serious band. And it is about developing a Christian perspective on pop culture � one that... celebrates moments of insight or grace that appear there and which necessarily informs our Bible reading as it is the contemporary context from which we do our reading. This book shows you how to do it and get it right!


The book is arranged in six parts, with brief meditations welcoming us into a theme. The sermons are somewhat topically arranged, although nearly all have this constant refrain: that the realistic and painful and hopeful lyrics of U2 allow us to recall that Jesus was human, that faith is gritty, that the seasons of the church year are a time for transformation and change.... Get Up Off Your Knees simply cannot be summarized. Each sermon deserves its own critical and prayerful engagement.

Devoted U2 experts will notice a couple factual slips, but overall I couldn't be happier with the take this article presents on our book.

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