New Zealand connections

Brian Walsh, one of our writers, will soon be visiting Paul at Prodigal Kiwi, and other missional (or emerging or post-something or whatever we're calling ourselves these days) friends in New Zealand, for a conversation and a workshop on "Colossians as a Subversive Text." Thanks to Prodigal Kiwi for the little book plug!

I had the opportunity to hear Chris Tomlin, whose cover of U2's "Where the Streets Have No Name" closes the CCM U2 cover CD, lead worship at a conference this week. He didn't do "Streets," though - at least not at the sessions I was at. Several attendees were really interested to hear about the book, altho one person (from a booth that will remain nameless) pretty much cut me dead as soon as the word "U2" was out of my mouth, and that was unpleasant. Very atypical, however, so, you know... everyone is entitled to their beliefs.

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