Fun with referrer logs

Someone must be working on a paper, because in the past 24 hours a whole list of academic-sounding searches I've never seen before have come across the referrer logs: U2 and theology, U2 spirituality, cultural influence of U2, Gospel references to With Or Without You by U2 (uh, shouldn't that be in "With Or Without You," unless we're going to posit some very detailed foreknowledge on the part of Christ?)

I received today the recent book by Detweiler and Taylor, Matrix of Meanings: Finding God in Popular Culture. Detweiler is interviewed about it here.

BTW Comcast web pages are acting up today for some reason, for anyone who's trying to get to the book FAQ or anything. {Update as of 4:22 PM: The outage is all over the USA, and "Comcast technicians are currently working to resolve the issue. Updates to this situation will be posted as they become available."
....LOL. New update as of 4:26 PM: It's fixed.}

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