It's no secret at all.

A reader writes: I have to tell you about this highlight from Holy Week here at Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland: Thursday evening we had a Agape potluck meal, a liturgy meal where we recalled the story of freedom, remembered our spiritual ancestors, and recounted Jesus' last supper (including hand washing or foot washing).

This part was not new: we've done it before and it has worked, except that we were left without an ending, and without any movement towards Good Friday. So we did something new.

The conclusion of the evening: after dinner, people had the experience of "journeying through the garden." We projected onto the large fountains of water on our walls 80 images that reflected 5 words: prayer, betrayal, denial, agony, and abandonment.

And the music blasted throughout the visual journey (adding to the unsettling conclusion of the evening) was U2's "The Fly" and "Until the End of the World."

...Seriously, how great would "The Fly" be in that context?

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