Rock of Ages: The Passion of Judas

For Good Friday, I offer you all this outstanding meditation on the only U2 song narrated by Judas, "Until the End of the World." I just have to quote one section:

With [the] final verse, the soul going through purgation and a living hell finds release. The one awaiting hope stands awestruck, bathed in healing and reconciliation, welcomed to share in the new life. ...While Mel Gibson�s film of the Passion dramatizes (and traumatizes) every human element of Jesus� last hours, U2 transcends the visceral and brutal while capturing the anguish of the soul and a long-suffering love. "Until the End of the World" makes the Passion of the Christ a truly personal faith journey, taking the listener from the darkness of sin and the tomb � "down the hold, just passing time" � into an eternity of love with the One that U2 believes would wait "until the end of the world."

Fr. Stetz? Why didn't you submit a sermon?

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