Wedding sermon: sweet as to mix U2 and Trinity

Get Up Off Your Knees has a wedding sermon using "Grace," and it also has a sermon using "One" which points out the comic inappropriateness of a couple requesting "One" at a wedding and then goes on to show a deep understanding of the complexities of the lyric. Some of you may also have seen the interview in which Bono and the Edge are talking about "One"; they mention how fans occasionally tell them they played the song at their wedding, and if I remember correctly Edge, shaking his head, moans something like, "And we're just, Oh no No NO, NO."

Well, here, from e~mergent kiwi, is, in fact, a wedding sermon using "One!" Now that takes guts. However, before you start to mimic the Edge, go read it. It interacts with some of the real themes of the text (rather than just the word "One" and "one life" and the general positive uplift of the end etc. which lead people to say, as the couple in Shawnthea's sermon in the book did, "It's a song about love!") This one refers to actual things in the people's actual lives that mirror the failures and disappointments talked about in the lyrics. So give it a look....

BTW I love the instructions from the groom to the preacher:
the longest wedding sermon ever.
sweet as to mix U2 and Trinity
just don't forget to mention the g or j words.

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