Send Your Message to the G8

A volunteer for Jubilee USA, who coordinated almost half of the Jubilee information tables during the Elevation Tour, has written a fine report on the Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on AIDS on May 18. This (plus an interest in testing the new Blogger photoblogging capacity) prompts me to upload this picture of a few members of my congregation clumped together rather haphazardly, but still proudly participating in Jubilee USA's May 2004 Monthly Action: "Send Your Message to the G-8."

The G-8 is the meeting of the leaders of the world's 8 richest nations, coming up from June 8-10 in Georgia. If you'd like to participate in this action by sending Jubilee a photo of yourself (it doesn't have to be church groups, it can be anybody, even individuals), instructions are here. You need to do it this week, though; the deadline is June 1.

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