"M�ske er religion Guds fjende"

Welcome to everyone who has found us today from this article on U2 and faith from the Danish site religion.dk. They have a couple links to material about the book, as well as several to interviews with members of U2 about Christian matters, and one to the U2 Bible reference archive.

I put their article through a free translator, since about the only words I can figure out in Danish are "religion," "Gud," "musikalske," and "karasmatisk," and it produced some of my favorite machine translation results ever:

Words is Bonos, forsanger and frontfigur to irske U2, and are falling amid a interviews by that pious (however no-konfessionelle) online-journal, Beliefnet. The citation is a good portrait at the band and their forsanger: By their controversial ports and frequently provocative remark have they chokeret and forarget heavy parties from the handsome, established kristenhed...

U2 accumulated forth from the aggression New Wave/ item-billow at the end of 70erne. ...U2 has forever coupled a global political and social consciously by that pious. As early as to 80'erne shared they to Excommunication Aid and Cheer up Aid musikalske parties in support of Africa.

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