Dick Staub: DS Interview - Mark Joseph

Dick Staub talks to Mark Joseph, author of the book Faith, God & Rock 'n' Roll, about spiritual themes in pop music and about changes in CCM's self-understanding.  Along the way he has comments on mainstream figures including Destiny's Child, Zwan, Alice Cooper, Carson Daly, POD, and of course Bono.  Among Joseph's comments about what's ahead for popular media that addresses spiritual questions: 
I think what we�re going to see in the next five to ten years is going to make people that are uncomfortable with religious expressions in popular culture very uncomfortable.  It�s going to be a miserable five to ten years for people who don�t like this, because it�s only accelerating.  It�s like,  I look at it like 40 to 50 years of pent-up energy that is starting to explode.  And you saw with The Passion, and you�re going to see with a number of other artists coming. �Any time you either suppress [a group's ideas], or the group themselves allows their ideas to be suppressed, when the doors finally open, the floods are going to come.
Kind of cool to see on the Amazon site for Joseph's book that Get Up Off Your Knees shows up both in the "recommended in addition to" and the "people who bought this book also bought" lists!

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