Raewynne in Australia coverage

Here is a writeup of Raewynne's visit to Sydney from her Uniting Church hosts.

I love this quote from her, when asked if there were good ways and bad ways to incorporate elements of popular culture in preaching: "The biggest thing is, if you have to go hunting for it, don't include it. If you can't help but think about an aspect of popular culture whenever you read the text, then that's what you need to include."

And also this: "It's easy to use pop culture in a kind of cheap way, just to create an impression that we are engaging with people, when really we're just using it to get their attention before we switch to our own agenda. But it seems to me that that's not the way God has interacted with culture. God didn't just sit outside the world and kind of give it an occasional prod. God entered our world and lived among us."

They include a writeup of her sermon at a worship event at United Theological College, North Parramatta as well.

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