Notes from a Truth Seeker: "Standing Around with Watering Cans --Cultivating People in a Postmodern Reality"

Rachelle, the marvelously creative pastor and blogger at Notes from a Truth Seeker posts a draft of the first part of her sermon for this weekend, which draws on Bono's recent speech in Berlin. Plenty of substance, along with a cute church & culture story early on:
I pastor a neo-monastic order which meets in my house, and my kids don't go to Sunday school, so left to their own devices, they come up with all sorts of things - like how Bono knew Jesus [personally and walked around with him writing songs]. I thought I should fix this a little so I signed them up for VBS, two weeks of it, hoping they'd learn "Jesus Loves Me" and "This little light of mine" and stuff. Well, one day, we were walking up to the VBS at this very nice, kindly Episcopalian church, and we were, as usual, late, so all the kids were in their classrooms, and the windows are of course wide open. Eden and Cate both decided this was a good time to sing, because, you know, singing is something you do at VBS. So they both start singing at the top of their lungs. "I'm a MOLE digging in a HOLE digging up my SOUL now going down Ex-Ca-Va-Tion." Catie even did the "woo hoo's."
While Rachelle begins by talking about AIDS and DATA, the sermon as a whole is to be about "how the church maybe got on the wrong side of history. And how we have to get back. And how we can use our watering cans to do that." Yeah.

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