Prodigal Kiwi Blog: Woo Me, Sister; Move Me, Brother!

Since I only found it through Prodigal Kiwi, I'll give him credit: Raewynne's lecture from last May at Trinity Melbourne, "Woo Me, Sister; Move Me, Brother! What Does Pop Culture Have To Do With Preaching?" is now on the web as a PDF. It draws on, but is not identical to, her essay of the same title in Get Up Off Your Knees. And I like the same quote Prodigal Kiwi excerpted, so I'll excerpt it too:
"One of my earliest memories of U2 is walking past my brother in our living room at home in Ferny Creek, back in the mid 1980s, and overhearing the sound of a band coming from his headphones. If anyone had told me then that I would be standing here today talking about how I�ve used U2's music in preaching, I would have told them they were crazy. That wasn't my type of music, and anyway, it wasn't Christian; why would I ever think of preaching on it? And surely that would take away from Scripture?"

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