"You say I took the Name in vain? Well, I don't even know the Name."

In continuing news on U2's new album How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, or, you know, whatever... still no lyrics and no chance to listen, but U2 Log today has reprinted from Q these alleged official song titles from U2's new album due this fall:
Vertigo (the single)
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
City Of Burning Lights
Man & A Woman
Crumbs From Your Table

How likely what Q received back some months ago is still to be accurate, you can decide. They do all sound rather U2ey, and that last one would look to be headed straight for the U2 Bible references archive Drawing Their Fish In The Sand already. (By the way, if they work with the reference the way it is meant in context, it would make a great title for an AIDS in Africa song, wouldn't it?)

But gentlemen, please. Please tell us you are not going to misspell "Yahweh." Please let this be Q's typo. Whatever confusions there are about vowels and so on, it's absolutely got a heh in the middle. yodh heh waw heh. An entire universe of Christian education teachers, theologians, clergy, religious studies professors, hymn text composers, and authors of spirituality books will curse you unto the third and yea even the fourth generation if you misspell The NAME on a U2 album. Because once it appears as "Yaweh" on your tracklist, the entirety of Western culture will believe you and not us.

Disaffected Teen: Mrs. Johnson wrote "Yahweh" on the board today in Confirmation Class. She can't even get the name of her creepy ol' God right.
Disaffected Teen 2: [eyeroll] EVERYBODY knows it's YAWEH.
Disaffected Teen 3: Hey, look, even my BIBLE has it wrong.

On the other hand, it is nice to learn that Bono is still all about breaking taboos by pronouncing tetragrammatons.

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