Doing God's work on Fox

I can see why @U2 (who have given us more hits this week than we ever had in our lives) singled out the closing moments of Bono's O'Reilly Factor appearance last night as particularly telling:
O'REILLY: You're certainly doing God's work. I mean, I admire you very much for what you're doing.
BONO: God must have a great sense of humor to have me on board.
O'REILLY: No. No. We need people like you to command a worldwide audience and to get people at least thinking about this. And then we need the politicians out here in the convention, in both conventions to come up with a strategy. I do agree that if America could take the lead, it would turn public opinion around and help us in the war on terror.

However, a moment I found personally moving, though almost peripheral to the main topic - but perhaps not really - was this:
O'REILLY: I understand the late Jesse Helms, the arch-conservative, the late Jesse Helms of North Carolina was a very big booster of your cause, is that correct?
BONO: Yes. It's been amazing. I've been really surprised. You know, I came at this from -- you know, I grew up in a Labour household, you can imagine in the north side of Dublin. I have all my opinions. I had my opinions of conservatives, and they weren't all good. And then I met some conservatives that really turned me around on that. They were religious conservatives. They were people that, well, had their convictions that were different to mine, but they held them, you know, from a true place.

I know a lot of churches, a lot of people, who need a workshop these days on how to be able to believe that someone who holds convictions different to yours can hold them from a true place.

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