Girl with crimson nails has Jesus round her neck swaying to the music...

Maybe I can stop pogoing long enough to muster an intelligent "Vertigo" lyrics comment: Apart from the infectious the-Ramones-meet-the-Waitresses-on-acid vibe, we're on familiar theological territory here, aren't we? Not a big step from "You want heaven in your heart, but you'll take what you can get if it's all that you can find" to "though your soul it can't be bought, your mind can wander." (I'm also fond of "[vertigo is] everything I wish I didn't know, except you give me something I can feel.") Also, we've heard that generalized use of "kneel" at the end before (even learn/teach "how to kneel," in fact). In terms of Biblical references, an obvious cousin of that eerie proposition in the bridge, "all of this can be yours; just give me what I want and no one gets hurt," is a suggestion posed by someone who has peopled the U2 cast of characters before.

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