Journal of Religion and Popular Culture review

Here is a thoughtful review of Get Up Off Your Knees from the Journal of Religion and Popular Culture. (I have to say, I think the criticisms the author makes of the collection are well taken, and am surprised more people haven't made them already.) Excerpt:
...the weaker and inapt sermons do not negate the achievements of contributors who dig theological gems from the more obscure and melancholic songs. To the extent that the editors intend to demonstrate the utility of popular culture for theological reflection, they succeed. Thus, despite the concerns mentioned above, I recommend Get Up Off Your Knees for two audiences: those who want to learn how to integrate popular culture with homiletics, and those devoted members of U2 fandom who resonate with the band's spiritual sensitivity. The former may support the idea of engaging with popular culture but lack examples of how to do this in practice. The latter can hardly resist this collection since, granting the postmodern tenet that we are unable to detach ourselves from cultural contexts and past experiences, they will have committed to join Bono's quest to 'fill that God-shaped hole' long ago.

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