A new teaching, and with authority

The Oct 10th sermon at Jacob's Well, a spiritual community in Missouri, used a comparison between U2 and the band that opened for them in Kansas City as an illustration of the passage from Mark which speaks of Jesus "teaching with authority, not like the scribes."
"When U2 comes onstage there is just another thing happening. ...The arena might be this big, but they occupy every bit of that space... they just have this authority in that space that makes the whole arena come alive," Tim Keel commented. "...I just remember sitting back there going: Where do you get that kind of authority?" The audio of the sermon is here (For those of you who aren't in it for the Gospel of Mark, the U2 content is from 7:23 - 9:45.) [Edit: thanks to the folks at Jacob's Well for letting me know they renamed this file since I first posted the link.]

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