AIDS in Africa - news from ekklesia

An article from Ekklesia reports that "two years after U2's Bono challenged American Christians to become engaged in the AIDS pandemic, a new survey has revealed only a small number of US evangelicals would be willing to donate money to help and support children orphaned by AIDS." The numbers are disappointing to anyone who cares about the crisis, but let's run those statistics a little more. It's worth noting that since Bono began his campaign to raise awareness of AIDS in Africa with US evangelicals (visit DATA for more info), the amount of those who say they would donate to AIDS orphans is SIX TIMES as many as before, and the number who would donate to AIDS prevention in Africa has more than tripled.

It's also worth noting that unlike the last time World Vision commissioned this survey, the percentage of evangelicals willing to donate to AIDS in Africa is now higher than the percentage of the general American population willing to do so, so that the evangelical church is now out ahead of the mainstream USA culture on this issue. I think you've got to admit Bono's had a significant effect here.

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