I give thanks for.....shameless promotion

Thanks to Roland Allen for a post suggesting people who are interested in the meaning of HTDAAB's lyrics would do well to look at Get Up Off Your Knees. My excuse for linking his kind words is that this line deserves echoing: "For people like me who are aware of and can make sense of some of the spiritual nuances in Bono's lyrics, this is an exciting and deeply moving album." Another thank you goes to Gideon Strauss; glad to hear we helped your daughters to get on the U2 bandwagon. Still on the "shameless promotion" theme, I'm sure U2 are thankful that they're apparently probably going to have sold a million copies of the new album already by the end of this weekend. And finally, continuing the Thanksgiving theme, here's a blogger who is thankful that "U2 must have sold their collective soul to God and he gave it back for this album."

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