Pop Love for a War-Torn World - Christianity Today Magazine

In keeping with only linking theologically informed articles on the new album, a new (and first-rate) review of HTDAAB from Christianity Today Magazine, written by @U2's Scott Calhoun, who also did the major Books and Culture feature that looked at Get Up Off Your Knees. Excerpts from the current album review:
How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb sounds both old and new and seems to intentionally rely on something tried and true. This is pure U2. Warm, quick-pumping hearts, creative minds at play, shrewd timing, and a loud Christian conscience. ...U2's message hasn't changed over the 28 years they've been together. It's elementary: Love. It has been an answer and an admonition running through their every album, their every tour....As a concept, love is a little hard to grasp. Give it a body, a mind, a voice, or an action and we can know it more easily. U2 has done that.

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