poster from the iPod launch

U2 Eastlink, who unfortunately do not allow remote linking, have up an image of what they say is a poster that was available at the iPod launch. You can find it, for awhile at least, on this page: scroll down to 1 November and go past the first few posts. While the image has an awfully corny 1970s Jonathan Livingston Seagull feel to it (for me, anyway) I was rather struck by Bono's text, which borrows from remarks we've heard before, but does an evocative job of extolling the Benedictine virtue of stability.
the hardest thing to do is to stick together
mates, family, marriage, business, bands
it's like resisting gravity... it's like King Canute
sitting in his chair trying to talk back the tide...
but you can, and we have, and we will, turn
the waves around... the alternative is too predictable...
you rid the room of argument... you empty your
life of the people you need the most.

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