Ethics Daily weighs in on How to Dismantle...

Here's a review and track by track commentary on the new U2 album by a theology professor at Campbell University Divinity School; it's from Ethics Daily.com, a Baptist site. It's kind enough to cite our book. Excerpt, saying something we're hearing a lot about U2's theology: My first listen through Atomic Bomb left me with two initial impressions. First, this album is going to be a hit. Musically it's their best overall album ever, and four or five of the tracks are naturals for release as singles that should get good airplay.
Second, the majority of the people who buy and listen to this music may not fully grasp its deepest significance. Of all the albums U2 has recorded over the past 25 years, this one is the most overtly Christian in its rendering of the world. But this is obvious only to those who are already being formed by the biblical story and thus look at the world through the same set of lenses worn by the creators of this music.

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